I Vote We Have a Drink

This counts as an emergency.
There are a few events in any given year in which we all come together to experience an event together. The one that always comes to mind is New Years Eve. We stop to mark the passing of time, to recall the prior year and to revel in the hope of a new one.

But Election Day in America is not that much different. After going to the polls many of us will tune in to watch the votes be counted, to watch for the election of a new president and to hope.

So tomorrow, I hope you will have done your civic duty and then settle in like millions of Americans to watch and when you do it will likely be with your favorite beverage.

Therefore, I reached out to some friends of the blog and The Operation Shutdown to ask them what they would be drinking while watching the election. Hopefully this helps you pick the proper numbing/celebratory beverage of choice for your evening. Editorializations by me are in italics.

Friend of the Show Easy Pretzel: Molson Golden Ed. Getting used to Canadian beers may not be a bad idea.

Friend of the Show Ed Grohl: Sapporo Black Ed. Sapporo Black? That makes no sense…

Mick for BigFliesandMayFlies.com: Arnold Palmers. Ed. May I suggest adding some vodka and having an John Daly?

Reader Rick Hauck: Clara Grisette by Hill Farmstead Brewery Ed. Only 4.00% ABV? That might not be enough.

Chelsie Markel of Stouts & Stilettos and It’s a Brew Life: Parradox Barrel #38 Salty Lemons

Bryan D. Roth of This Is Why I am Drunk: Prairie Standard and Lagunitas Born Yesterday

JP, special guest from Ep. 2 of The Operation Shutdown: Lagunitas Sucks Ed. Please do not go back and listen to Ep. 2

Sara BozichI’m of SaraBozich.com will be drinking bourbon. Ed. I think she is a little worried about the volume of bourbon that tomorrow night will take.

Tierney Pomone from Stouts & Stilettos: “Bourbon because ‘merica!” Ed. I half expected Four Loko.

Perpetual Intern Jimi Werner will be drinking BBA Troegenator and Blizzard of Hops. Ed. I half expected Perpetual IPA.

Bradalynn Armstrong of ZerØday Brewing Company: Will be also drinking from her own tap lines, she will be having a couple glasses of Gail. Ed. Also Zeroday is doing a special tomorrow for those that voted.

Faithful listener Nicole: Drano Ed. 3 caps on Untappd!

Long time reader and fellow LengenDairy brewer Eric will be cracking open a Tröegs Brewing Flying Mouflan. Ed. Look for more about LegenDairy Milkshake IPA soon!

Tim Myers:  Woodford Reserve Ed. Whiskey is a solid choice.

Reader Brad: Blizzard of Hops if he can sneak them into the maternity ward Ed. Labor pains or election pains?

Reader Sean: Lagunitas Born Yesterday and Victory Brewing Co.’s Harvest Ale

I will be drinking Evil Twin Brewing’s Molotov Cocktail IIPA and Even More Jesus, some of the above pictured Wild Heaven Craft Beer Emergency Drinking Beer, and if necessary some bourbon.

Post Script:

This is a non-partisan post.

Beer crosses the aisle.

If you are planning to comment here about some candidate let me stop you right here. I have few readers and even fewer commenters. Trolling here would be as massive a waste of time as a troll could find on the Internet.

I am Bearcat and I endorse this message.

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