Bearcat on Podcast


Right before the end of Harrisburg Beer Week I ran into the fun trio of podcasters that record and produce The Beer Busters Podcast. I’ve been a faithful listener for quite a while and was happy to finally meet Steph, and the brothers Wayne and Dan. 

The three were kind enough the next day at the Little Big Beer Fest to ask me to join them on the show. I had the lucky but unenviable task of helping to wrap up a huge show. This was not my first podcast. This was not my first podcast after having a few beers. Come to think of it… I’ve never podcasted sober.

But this was a professional quality podcast. The Beer Busters are excellent at their job. Prepared, fun, smooth. measured, and with voices tailor made for radio. Everything I and my last venture into podcasting were not. 

But they were great to work with. They riff off each other with the easy of old friends and do the same with their guests. I was just hoping not to sound like a total mess. 

If you take the time to follow this link and listen to the podcast I promise it does not disappoint, at least until I take the mic at the very end. The other guests are literally a Who’s Who of the Central/Eastern PA beer scene and it’s crazy that I got to step in. I’m very thankful.

Steph, Wayne and Dan are doing great things in promoting craft beer.  Take the time to check out their work as they promote great brews and the good news of craft beer.  Subscribe to the podcast and check out


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