Happy Second Anniversary to Roundabout Brewery


The below link is from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and is a quick write up about Steve Sloan, Owner and Brewer at Roundabout Brewery in Pittsburgh, PA.  It is easily one of the best profiles of a brewer I have read in a long time.

After I moved from Pittsburgh more than a decade ago I lived in Midtown Harrisburg.  Steve and his lovely wife Dyana were neighbors.  Steve was then head brewer at Appalachian Brewing Company.  This was during my formative years of craft beer drinking.  When I first met him, I remember saying “Whoa! You make the stuff.  That is amazing.”  Steve’s reaction, “Yeah, it’s no big deal.”

After leaving ABC, Steve brewed for Firestone Walker Brewing Company and then at Church Brew Works which won national Best Large Brew Pub by his hard work and genius.

And yes… He is a genius.  Just read the article.

I have stopped by Roundabout twice… both times it was amazing.  The Ginga Wheat is the best example of using ginger in a beer hands down and is one of my absolute favorite wheat beers. The Hy-PA is devastatingly good.

(Side note:  My Roundabout stemmed is by far my preferred glassware; as Untappd followers can attest.)

There are many reasons I miss my hometown… The exploding craft beer culture in the area adds to my longing.  I am glad to see Steve settled there.

Now go read the article… http://triblive.com/lifestyles/fooddrink/8705719-74/sloan-brewery-brewing

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