Building Your Brand The Wrong Way

Blunt and Bitter

Last week Rogue Ales & Spirits out of Newport, Oregon announced a collaboration with full-time sports radio blowhard and part-time casual racist Colin Cowherd to develop a new beer called “Blunt ‘N Bitter.”

Per Maury Brown at Forbes the new brew is to celebrate Cowherd who got his start on a local ESPN radio station before moving on to Bristol, Connecticut to join the ESPN Borg/Mothership.  Now Cowherd is taking his bitter hot takes to Fox Sports 1 where he will presumably continue his tired shtick of telling you why you are wrong about whatever it is that you think about sports.

Rogue President Brett Joyce in a surprisingly “corporate speak” riddled announcement stated:

All of us here at Rogue are thrilled to be working with a fellow Rogue and Revolutionary in Colin Cowherd. We both come from small coastal towns in the Pacific Northwest and, most importantly, share a kindred spirit as we both continue to Dare, Risk, and Dream and fight the status quo…


Cowherd is the status quo. This is what sports radio sounds like. More importantly, this is what corporate beer sounds like. Making strange bed fellows to support the “brand.”

I would expect this out of AB’s Shocktop. “Shockingly honest sports takes from Colin Cowherd and The Herd brought to you by Shocktop’s Shockolate Wheat!” (BTW: Shockolate Wheat is a real beer brewed by AB.)

To see one of the pioneers of the craft beer industry get into bed with this guy is both strange and unsettling.

If you can’t tell I don’t particular care for Colin Cowherd.  I used to care more for Rogue beers. Half Dead Guy Ale and half Shakespeare Stout makes a damn good black and tan.

But after seeing and reading how Rogue affiliates with Cowherd I worry that the beer will leave a lousy taste in my mouth.

Postscript: A quick review of the Rogue “About” page on it’s website shows “Rogue’s Fundamental Agreement.”  I assume this is their take on a corporate promise or an agreement with its customers.  Statement #6 is “And most important, cut out all the B.S.”

Cowherd is all B.S. The man is bullshit personified. His job is bullshit. It is meant to be a mental break from reality between you leaving the office and getting home.

As far as I can tell, #6 only applies until you can build your “brand” by hitching your wagon to national presence regardless of what casually racist bullshit he spits out.

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