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I happened recently to run into Andrew Rothacker the Director of Lancaster Community Supported Beer (Lancaster CSB) and he recognized my work here at the blog.  That was a first.  It was a chance encounter that was way too short but the timing was just right.

If you are unaware Lancaster CSB has brought the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) concept to craft brewing.  What better place to do that than in Lancaster County.  CSAs are in abundance in Lancaster and are growing.  People have started to give a damn about where their food comes from and in turn are looking to support local farmers. CSAs are a natural and easy way to meet that need.

Lancaster CSB is no different.  I have championed the importance of local brewers from the start on this blog.  Lancaster county and Central PA are were the majority of my beer money goes.

I have been aware of Lancaster CSB for about a year.  I first ran into these guys at the 2014 Lancaster Craft Beerfest and thought their idea was great… but time got away from me.  I failed to sign up.  Shame on me.

Luckily, I ran into Andrew and I have now remedied this.  I am a member of Lancaster CSB for the upcoming Fall/Winter session.

You should consider it too.  It’s an easy way to support local breweries in the area. Not only is it great way to support local breweries but for all you get it’s pretty damn cheap.

Membership starts at just $60. For that you get a growler, gift cards to each of the six participating breweries for a growler fill each month and a 10% discount on merchandise at the brewery when you visit.

I know… who needs another growler? But these ones are nicely designed and the premium growler is very nice looking.

The Fall/Winter membership is open until September 25th and runs from October to March of 2016.  Participating brewers for this upcoming session are:

Liquid Hero Brewing

St. Boniface Brewing Company

Union Barrel Works

Wacker Brewing Company

Mad Chef Brewing Company

Snitz Creek Brewery

That is a nice line of up area breweries.

Lancaster CSB is doing this for reasons I understand and support.  Andrew explains their thoughts and motivation behind the business this way:

“You really don’t have to go across the country to find really great beer. There is so much good beer being brewed right here in Lancaster and the Lancaster area. Through Lancaster CSB, I am trying to give breweries access to new audiences at the same time that I am curating the local beer experience for the average beer enthusiast.”

Yep. That sums it up for me.

If you are looking for a unique way to experience the various breweries in and around Lancaster signing up to be a member of Lancaster CSB is the way to go.  You should hurry to sign up as the fall session is open for new members until September 25th.

Check it all out at

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