The Long Break Is Over


So as of late a couple people have been asking: “What happened to Bearcat on Beer?”

Well it has been on hiatus… obviously.

Some people asked “What’s happening?” and I would say “I am too busy…” or “Work is crazy…”  This was mostly true.

Over the holidays a couple people asked if I was going to write again and I would say “Sure…”

Yesterday, two very good friends asked why the long break.  Each was very understanding. This led to some reflection.  I decided I wanted to provide an explanation, to those that did read this blog. (Both of you. HA!)

The reason, I was not interested in being confronted about the things I write here, or the time I take to write, by people that are overly personal and can’t just see what it is, a hobby.

I was confronted, it felt like being attacked, about why and what I wrote.  This was done in a way that was personal and disturbing.  If the person had written something offensive or stupid in the comments (and others have) I would not care.  Trash my thoughts and poorly written dribble on Twitter, no problem for me.  It’s the Internet, people say fucked up things about each other and everything all the time; me included.

This was different. This happened in real life (IRL for you millennials).

… and …well

That sucked.

I was taken aback.

I was not interested in having someone jump all over me about something so petty. I am simply taking some of my free time to write about something I really love, beer.  People that know me IRL, know that I do not take myself very seriously.  But some people take everything seriously.

So I took a break; a long one.

Now what?  Well, I decided to start again. I want to do this. I want to write stuff here. Will this change what I write or talk about? I hope not.  But the important thing is…

The Bearcat is Back.

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