Beer Barrel Aged Whiskey


I received a bottle of Jameson Caskmates as a gift this past Christmas from a very good friend. When I am not drinking beer my favorite libations are either bourbon or Irish whiskey. Jameson 12 Year has been a long time favorite as a night cap or a way to address the various sports failures befallen Pittsburgh sports over the years.

Jameson Caskmates is made by sending used barrels from the Jameson distillery to Franciscan Well Brewing in Cork, Ireland.  Then Franciscan Well ages their stout in the barrels. After the beer is removed, the spent barrels are then sent back to the distillery where the Irish whiskey gets a second aging in the stout soaked casks.

This time resting in the stout used barrels darkens the color of the whiskey and really ups the body.  The additional aging also smooths out the edges giving it a more round, deeper, and more complex character. The malty, sweet, and fruity notes of the original spirit are complemented with oatmeal, coffee, nuts and roasted malts flavors. It is a remarkable whiskey.

Jameson Caskmates is for sipping neat. No ice. No water. Don’t even think about mixing it.

But there is one pairing I suggest… it helps immensely when you need a little break from all the shoveling we are currently doing.

caskmates shoveling

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