Would You Like To Take That In The Can?

No... I will have it right here
In the can? No, I think I will just have it right here.

For Episode 4 of The Operation Shutdown, I welcomed back friends of the show Easy Pretzel and Ed Grohl.

We also welcomed Bryan Roth. Calling Bryan a beer blogger seems trite when that is what I pretend to do. Bryan has the journalistic chops of working in newspapers. He writes for Beer Advocate and Good Beer Hunting, when not writing for his blog This Is Why I Am Drunk. You can follow him on Twitter at @BryanDRoth.

Bryan joined the show to discuss his recent post about canning and the media coverage canning receives.

It was a wide ranging conversation about everything from “Why canning is important or overrated? to “Are brewers using canning distribution to accelerate towards selling out?” In fact, the only thing about canning we did not discuss was this banned commercial from Bud Light Lime.

I hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as we did making it.

Show notes:

Bryan D. Roth’s definitive work on canning. Please read this. We discuss it quite a bit.

Craft Beer’s Big Dilemma: Hold Out of Sell Out? 

Do Craft Breweries Fail?

Many beers were consumed during the making of this podcast including:
Pizza Boy Brewing Magic Under…Where? 
Pizza Boy Brewing Murren River
Pipeworks Brewing Co. Ninja vs. Unicorn
Half Acre Beer Company Vallejo
The Alchemist Focal Banger
Sole Artisan Ales Giant Juice Box
Oskar Blue Passion Fruit Pinner
Lone Ranger Brewing Addie’s Revenge

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