Ep. 7: Modern Thinking on Selling Out

In Episode 7 of The Operation Shutdown I am joined by friends of the show Easy Pretzel and Ed Grohl.


This time we discuss breweries selling out and the recent hot take from Modern Times out of San Diego, California.

Beers We Drank:

Ballast Point Brewing Calm Before the Storm
New Belgium Hoppy Blonde
Victory Tandem
Sierra Nevada Hop Hunder (Johnstown Brewing company glass)
Sierra Nevada Otra Vez

Show Links:

Modern Time Blog: This is required reading for the show. Sorry, if this feels like homework.

Aaron Goldfarb’s story that set off the above link. (You are going to have to read this one too.)

Victory merger with Southern Tier

Oskar Blues bought Cigar City for $60 million; which seems like a bargain.

Beer World’s Closings

Zuckfoltzfus of Mount Joy

Al dumps bad beer

PennLive 10 New Central PA Breweries

The Windber Hotel Johnstown

Johnstown Brewing Company

This Is Why I’m Drunk and Friend of the Show Bryan D. Roth

Vertical Epic ’02 and the rerelease VE-02 2.0

No After Show this week because things like work got in the way… Most of it was not fit for public consumption anyway.

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