Ep. 18: I Need to Spend More Time on the Internet

In Episode 18 of the Operation Shutdown, I welcome back friend of the show Ed Grohl and  we are joined by special guest Theo Armstrong, owner/brewer of ZerØday Brewing Company. We discussed: Lyrical Gangster, Theo’s most ambitious beer to date, the difficulty and the joy of opening a brewery, the clear beer vs. hazy beer ,and Theo’s lack of time on the Internet.

A disclosure a quick note:  Theo was kind enough to provide me with a bottle of Lyrical Gangster in advance of the podcast. Lyrical Gangster is available at ZerØday Brewing Company on Saturday, January 21st beginning at 1:00 pm. It is a great beer and you should definitely run out to get one of these very limited bottles.


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What we were drinking:

Rolling Rock
Kettleface by Columbia Kettle Works and St. Boniface Craft Brewing Co.
Lyrical Gangster by ZerØday Brewing Company

Link Dump:

Pacific Gem Hops
HACC Brewing Science Certificate
Brandalynn Armstrong (Owner, ZerØday)
Men’s Health Top 20 Beers of Summer Mango Hab
Rich Hauck (Designer of the label above.)
The Burg
The Bandit
Hal Needham
Ever Grain Brewing Company
Harrisburg Beer Week

Be sure to stick around for the After Show.

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