A Craft Beer Fest That Helps: Lititz Craft Beer Fest

This weekend I will be attending the Lititz Craft Beer Fest (LCBF) in Lititz, PA. Lititz is as cool a small town in Lancaster County as you are going to find and that is before you stop into Bulls Head Public House; which also happens to be one of the greatest beer bars in the country.

LCBF 2018

I am very excited to check out this year’s offering at LCBF and I have some beers that I think those attending should check out…

…but first

We should consider why this fest is being thrown. While imbibing in great beer with friends on a still warm Autumn day is certainly foremost in everyone’s mind, the real reason for this event is to raise money for AMBUCS. A national non-profit with a Lititz branch that raises money to buy therapeutic tricycles for people with disabilities. In short, they help to give mobility and independence to people that could use a little help with both.

Every child should have a bike. My son is six and while we are currently working to get him off his training wheels (we are really close) he loves outpacing me as we go around the block. He loves to have the ability to outrun me on his wheels. That is independence. Every child should have that feeling.

AMBUCS helps so that every child can have that feeling by either providing specialty tricycles or hand/foot bikes. Every child should have the feeling of outrunning their dad/mom and every dad/mom should have the joy of chasing his/her child.

That means this Sunday while we are drinking beers, the Lititz branch of AMBUCS will be adding to their pile of over $230,000 dollars raised via this event in years past. This is awesome stuff. Cheers to AMBUCS and I hope they continue to raise a truckload of money for this cause. Another case of good beer doing real good.

Back to the beers… There are going to be over 200 different beers poured this Sunday based on a list that the organizers were kind enough to share with me after repeated hounding.

Here are some of the ones I plan to seek out:

Vanilla Barrel-Aged Framinghammer — Baltic Porter (10% ABV) by Jack’s Abby Brewing Everyone who follows this blog or the IFS Podcast knows I love the big beers and this one looks like it checks that box and a couple others.

Tears of Green — NE IPA (7.5% ABV) by Captain Lawrence Brewing Company
Imperial IPA dry hopped with Motueka and Citra and said to be silky smooth.

Maduro Brown Ale — Brown Ale (5.5% ABV) English by Cigar City Brewing Company
I have had this beer before but it just won Gold for Brown Ale at GABF. If you have not had this beer, you have got to try it. I will be looking to have a taste of it again!

Goin’ Broke IPA — IPA (7.0% ABV) by Pour Man’s Brewing Co.
Pour Man’s is brand new to the area so this will be my first time checking out their offerings. They will be sharing this and their Oatmeal Stout.

COCOa: Mocha — Imperial Stout (10.1% ABV) by Rotunda Brewing Company
As shameful as it is to say, I have yet to get to this up and coming Annville brewer. This is a big one, so naturally, I must have it.

PV Fest — Marzen (6.0% ABV) by Free Will Brewing Co.
It is October and that means it is time to drink Marzens. There are going to be a couple at this fest, drink one. It is the right thing to do.

Haze NEIPA — NE IPA (5.0% ABV) by FETISH* Brewing
FETISH* is a Lititz brewer attending the Lititz Craft Beer Fest. They have to bring some good stuff. This ale is a little light in the ABV for my taste in this style but I am curious to see if they can bring the flavor and the body.

Straw — NE IPA (8.0% ABV) by Levante Brewing Company
Straw will be poured in the same tent as FETISH*. It will be cool to drink this and the last one I mention back-to-back to see how different approaches make different results.

Edgar — IPA (7.5% ABV) by Bullfrog Brewery
Edgar is a beer that every PA Craft Beer fan should check off the list. This is a classic IPA that too often gets overlooked. I have made the journey to Williamsport just to have a couple beers at Bullfrog and when this is on the board it is my first beer. Every time.

Green Machine — IPA (7.2%) by Boneshire Brew Works
Head Brewer/Owner Alan Miller makes some amazing beers. Green Machine is one of them. Drink this and do not miss Dark of the Forest. Alan always nails his RIS.

Blanket Party — DIPA (7.6% ABV) by Cox Brewing Company
Cox in Elizabethtown PA will be there with the greatest jockey box in the history of Central PA Craft Beer. One of their brewers nearly lost his entire hand building it. Every brewer pours their blood, sweat, and tears into their business; for these guys, that is not a metaphor. Always love visiting with them. Don’t miss their offerings.

Peach Novelty — Fruit Beer (6.5% ABV) by Zeroday Brewing Company
Ed from the show raved about this beer. He has yet to steer me wrong. So naturally, I have to check out what Theo, Brandalynn, and company have cooked up.

FestiFall — Marzen (5.1% ABV) by South County Brewing Company
Like I said… this is Marzen season. I want to see what JR Heaps has brewed for us.

Flux — Unfiltered IPA Single Hop, Citra (6.8% ABV) by Root Down Brewing Co.
Root Down Brewing won Gold at GABF for their IPA Bine. That is a highly contested category and they won it. They also won Silver for their Gose and maybe most impressive of all they won for Mid-Size Brewpub and Mid-Size Brewpub Brewer of the Year. Swing by their tent, get a pour of this beer and congratulate them on a very impressive showing at the Great American Beer Festival.

If you are there on Sunday and you see me about, please say hello. It is always great to see readers and friends of the podcast.



Please know that the list of beers a brewer brings is subject to change. Just because a brewer said they would bring a beer does not mean it is carved in stone that it will be there.

It is important to note also that the trykes I mentioned above represent only one pillar of the organization. AMBUCS does a lot of good in a lot of areas. For example, AMBUCS also provides scholarship money to budding therapists, recognizing their important role in making independence and mobility a possibility or reality for those living with disabilities. To learn more about AMBUCS please check out their website, AMBUCS.org.

Also of note: This event is currently sold out, so if you cannot attend this year, be sure to come next. Also, keep an eye out because this event sells out quick. If you really want to go this year and you totally should, some people may be selling their tickets on the LCBF Facebook page.

Special thanks to Lititz Craft Beer Fest for hooking me up with a ticket to this event along with an early look at the list of beers to be poured. A full list and a very helpful map of the tents will be released at some point on Saturday. Follow their twitter feed or back here for a link to the list and map.

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