Celebrate Independence Day with Beer Brewed by Independent Brewers

The Fourth of July is a great holiday and this year it makes for a three day weekend.  Friends and family getting together to cookout, hang poolside, stay out late playing cornhole and drinking beers.

What is not to love?

If you are hosting or will be visiting a Fourth of July party this weekend here are some beers you should consider picking up.  All are available in cans (or a Crowler) that way you can just throw them in the cooler and forget about it.  No time to over think it or pick out the proper glassware.  This is beer for drinking.

Paideia by St. Boniface Brewing Company I raved about this beer when I wrote about St. Boniface a month ago and it is perfect for this weekend.  Citrus and tropical notes in the nose and well balanced. It is quaffable while being very flavorful.  I would take this over any Session IPA.

801 Small Batch Pilsner by Uinta Brewing – Light bodied and smooth, this pilsner was described to me by a friend as a “creamier version of Miller Lite.”   That is spot on and a compliment to both its flavor and drinkability.  801 like any decent pilsner is perfect for downing during the high heat of the afternoon.

Summer Love by Victory Brewing Co. – While being what I assume is the official beer of summer over at Stouts and Stilettos it is also a damn fine beer for drinking while watching a baseball game. It has a great Citra hops finish that draws you back to the beer sip after sip.  It is so very good and probably the easiest beer on this list to find.  Great for the whole summer or while watching fireworks on Saturday night.

Snapshot by New Belgium Brewing Company – This unfiltered wheat beer is refreshing with plenty of citrusy hops and a slightly sour finish.  The use of lactobacillus in the fermentation gives this beer a subtle and easy pucker.  Snapshot is sweet and tart with its soft lemon notes and really delivers a great flavor.  This one is just outside the norm for a wheat beer and I loved it.

Jammer by Sixpoint Brewery – Jammer is slightly salty, slightly sour like a fine Gose should be.  It is so easy drinking that you will be thankful that is only comes in at 4.2% ABV.  As refreshing as they come and the semi-dry finish will make the six pack disappear quickly.  A little hard to find as the first run kind of sold out but worth the hunt if you can track some down.  According to Sixpoint more is on the way.

White Thai by Westbrook – A cloudy Belgian white beer brewed with lemongrass and ginger root this beer has a great citrus flavor upfront followed by a slight spiciness in the finish.  The Sorachi Ace hops give this beer a white wine like undertone on which the lemon and ginger notes play.  This beer will play well at the Fourth of July that takes itself and the food seriously.

Hater’s Tears by Pizza Boy Brewing Co. – If you are looking to fill a Crowler to take home or to a party I suggest this Gose.  It is crisp and refreshing and has the added bonus of thumbing your nose to people that complain about the price of very high quality, very low quantity beer.  I wrote about the controversy that sprung this beer to life and after having a glass of this beer, I recommend it.  Though it is a bit unusual to say…the beer is as great as the glass it came in. (Seriously, click the link.)

Now grab a hot dog with some spicy brown mustard (as God intended) and crack open one of these tasty beers to celebrate the birth of our nation.  Cheers and happy Fourth of July.

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